Own picures

I would like to use some of my own pictures in my posts, but I do’t know how to. Could somebody please help me?

You might want to look just above your own post at this one:

[How to post large images? Help us please

Rinkals -

  1. You need to have your pictures located somewhere on the internet. I personally reccomend www.photobucket.com . Its free and spam free. I use it and its easy to use. There are others that other people like.
  2. Upload your photos to your web location. Just follow thier direction fr the upload.
  3. Using photobucket.com you have 3 choices beloe your photo - copy te chice that starts with .
  4. Paste this info, , into the forumosa.com posting area.
  5. Thats it…your photos on forumosa.com

You can now also send the links to your fotos to other so they can view your pictures.

This is a photo of my ceiling. Next time I’ll do something more interesting.
Thanks Tainancowboy and jlick!

This is what I stare at just before I sleep.

I feel empowered. YEAH!!!

I’m feel like learning something new now. Anybody out there, teach me a new trick!

Improve your photo technique: photoinf.com/ :wink:

Rip out your ceiling and make something interesting of it :wink: or is this your office?

Thanks, I’ll see what I can do.

Unfortunately it is my crib. The ceiling is the good thing about it. :slight_smile:

I hope this is better than the previous one.

By the way, the previous picture was accidentally erased.

Who’s watching?