OWP and the MOE

I’ve had an OWP since they first came out (thanks to Richard’s efforts), and last week took it along to the Kaohsiung foreign affairs police. I was told to fill out the usual form, and get my ARC updated to show I have an OWP. No problem there.
However, I’ve recently started with a new college, and they want me to get a work permit through them. When I asked the police, they said, politely and helpfully, that the OWP is indeed an Open work permit, and all I need - save that the MOE requires that I get a work permit through them as well.
Then they change my ARC to reflect the fact that I have two work permits.
Has anyone had a similar experience with the MOE to date?

I have about eight pages of official data which says that the Open Work Permit (also called “personal work permit”) is all you need to do any job at any location.

If you need this data, please send me a private email indicating what you want, your name, Chinese mailing address, and postal code.

I am limiting this FREE OFFER to addresses in Taiwan.

If you have an ESA Article 51 work permit as a foreign spouse, permanent resident, living with local (Chinese) relatives, etc. there is no need for any other work permit. Anyone who says otherwise is mistaken.

If you want me to make comments to the CLA about the misinformation you have gotten so far, please provide me with the Chinese name, title, institution/organization, etc. of the person involved plus date, time, place, etc. details.