Oximeter to Measure Blood Oxygen Content

Has anyone purchased a Contec CMS-50D Plus oximeter in Taipei?

I am looking for this specific model because it’s data can relatively easily be ported into the OSCAR (Open Source CPAP Analysis Reporter) software - even though the oximetry data is not time stamped

I will probably buy it from Amazon and ship it to Taiwan


Or eBay (from China)

But it would be good to know if there is something comparable available here now. If anyone know of any other OSCAR-compatible oximeters available in Taiwan, please let me know.

Have seen some finger oximeter online for like NT$500-1000. How do you know if it’s a good one or not?

I’m manually inputting data so any accurate reliable one is OK.

I haven’t been using mine after all. It’s overall build quality is low - like the ones pictured in the post right above this one. The screen broke after just a couple weeks, I think I dropped it (from regular desk height). So, I can only barely make out the right edge, which is tricky if I accidentally hit the button and get into a menu (so I’m navigating blind to get back to the main menu). It’s not worth the frustration and aggravation!

This actually got me looking at the other end of the price range at ring products that track the data in their own app but cost US$ 300 or so.

Since I was using the Oximeter to collect data for OSCAR (CPAP analysis software), I was limited to just 1 or 2 models - and the quirk there was even the USB cable was specific for that unit.

Bottom line: your choices will be limited to how you want to use the data

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Thanks, I’m going to drop by some medical supply stores to see what they have on the shelf.

I think the ring is still a bit controversial on accuracy even though the sellers say they are great.

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