Pabst Blue Ribbon

I need some good old American PBR, the yellow Bar Beer in Family Mart just doesn’t hit the spot on a hot sticky day.

Does Taiwan even have this? I see Budweiser everywhere so it can’t be too much of a stretch

Never saw it!

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I’ve seen Busch tallboys at Family Mart before, last summer if memory serves.

That’s about the closest I’ve ever seen here to PBR.

If you’re looking for Hipster-friendly, you landed on the wrong :banana: island, Jim

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I think The Local has it. The Local Taipei Craft Beer House

No. 2, Lane 357, Section 2, Heping East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 2700 1482

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Brewed in Guangdong China.

I’ll never understand how friggin’ PBR became a hipster elixir.

Do they think awful beers are “ironic”?

I think you’re right. I’ve seen them carry it. But that was a year ago. Not sure if that’s a big seller in Taiwan

lol what

It says, "I identify with the blue collar class, while at the same time being above them (regardless of the fact that they likely make less than blue collar workers).

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I fail to comprehend this post.

What’s with all the hate for PBR lol

All the better beers in the States and you’re getting nostalgic over PBR?


I guess that’s, you know, like your journey man. To answer your question (again), I’ve never seen it here.

In November 2014, Eugene Kashper, an American beer entrepreneur, and TSG Consumer Partners acquired Pabst Brewing Company.
In 2015, Pabst won the “best large brewing company of the year” award at the Great American Beer Festival.

:point_up_2: hmmmm, maybe I should try it if I see it. Been decades.


It’s OK, but I prefer Oly and Rainier. Of course, they’re owned by Pabst now.

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They have a licensed brewery in Zhoaqing, Guangdong. It’s all over the south of China, cheap as chips (or expensive if you go for the special editions). If you really miss it you can go have a tour of the brewery.

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Next Black Label will be retro hipster…