Packages at OK Mart?

Is picking up a package at OK Mart the same as 7-11? My Chinese isn’t very good so I just want to be prepared ahead of time :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s fine. Last three digits of your phone number and they’ll probably ask you to confirm your name.

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The process is similar, but you have to go to OK Mart instead.


What about Family Mart? Do they offer the same types of services as 7-11?

Yes. And their tea eggs are even cheaper than at 711 these days!

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Do convenience stores also keep packages from overseas? Or do you need to collect int’l packages somewhere else?

I do not like Family Mart. I need to walk further. Your mileage may vary.

what do you mean exactly ?
they keep overseas packages from e-commerce websites (e.g. shoppee ).
but you cant ship to a convenience store as a private person (i.e. cant ask your parents to send it to 711).

Exactly what you mean, thanks @izzy !
What if you’re not home to receive personal packages from overseas? I suppose you have to collect yourself at a Chungwha post office only

At the OK Mart near me, I have to go to the open shelves to find my package (sorted by the last 3 digits of phone numbers), and take it to the counter. At Family Mart and 7-11, I tell them the last 3 digits of my phone number, and they get the package for me.


if it was sent by post: the mailman will.leave a note with the address of the post office and package details.
if it was sent by other couriers (e.g. DHL) then they will call you to arrange a time.

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