Packet 4 (for US Green Card)

We received the green card Packet 4 today, about 3 weeks after we told them we had all the paperwork ready. Here is my question. I’ve read variously that they either 1. May give you your “green card stamp” on the spot 2. May give it to you “the next day” (via courier?) or 3. the following from the AIT says they courier it to you…

“Step 5: Issuing Visas: When an immigrant visa application has been approved, the visas, passports, and other documentation will be returned to visa applicants through our courier service… rate of $NT160 per envelope… Passports containing visas and the additional documents will be returned to applicants in sealed envelopes via our courier service within two to three working days once a Consular officer approves the immigrant visa application. Applicants should NOT open their envelopes and must hand-carry them on the airplane”

Is “Step 5” old news, new news, or what’s up with that? What was your experience and when? With the I-130 spouse green card, do they do the courier thing lately?