Packs of stray dogs around Yangde blvd

Around Yangde Blvd which is where I live, there is a bridge with a park under it. At night there are packs of stray dogs that would just come out of nowhere and bark at you if you walk across. I don’t know if they are feral or if they’re fed by whoever that hangs out there but those dogs make me nervous.

Is anyone aware of the dogs in this area, and should I be concerned?

Everytime I walk past this area I wish I had a weapon of some kind because those dogs don’t look friendly unlike most “stray dogs” I’ve seen in Taipei.

Sorry you’re experiencing this, especially as it’s making you nervous.

The best advice I can give you is to not be concerned, don’t show fear, don’t stare at them, don’t run or let them get behind you while you’re walking, and certainly do not use any kind of weapon. Dogs leave us alone when they can see that we are no threat. I will happily come and demonstrate this to you if you like.