Paella Gongguan

Saw no mention of this place to eat and decided to contribute. The food has always been good to very good in my opinion. Just do not go there when it is crammed full of people if you are in a hurry. There are two meal completers to each dish for 70 NT you can get soup, salad and a drink or for 170 NT they will give you a tapas appetizers (no salad with this one though) and dessert. The tapas are not what I would consider Spanish food but they are always good. I always come back here for the beef empanada or the Moorish Chicken. I saw a few customers getting their entrees “in a can”; which I am not sure what that is and I have not ordered it still. The entrees are about as Spanish as you can get in Taiwan.
The place is to the South of the Exit 1 MRT Gongguan on an alley like street and Google Map will not let you go down this road (maybe someone else has more luck than me on GM). 台北市羅斯福路四段78巷1弄12號. Buen Provecho!