Hey there…

I am looking for paintball in Kaohsiung. I know there is a paintball place in Nantzi, but I have also heard rumours about one in Tzoying.

Anybody got any information?


Paint balling is not very big here. Airsoft on the other hand is huge! I recomend giving it a try with a bunch of locals. The games they do up are serious and fun!

Don’t know about airsoft gaming, but I and some folks got together last Friday in Taipei for some paintballing. You can check out Fighters Force for information about them.

Was very fun but sore all-over day after. Needed serious old-man ointment :blush:

I’ve played at a couple of places in Taiwan: one was near Wulai (if you’re travelling from Hsintian, it’s on the left-hand side just past the army base a couple of km before you arrive in Wulai), the other was in Ilan, just beside the Youth Centre(?); sorry, but I’m relying on a hazy memory for the latter… Both were professionally run, though I’d have to say the Ilan centre was a little better in terms of equipment and courses. Both occasions were a lot of fun, and if you can speak a little Chinese it shouldn’t be any problem for us Westerners to join a local team.


The Big Babou

I know this isn’t Gaoxiong, but there is a paintball facility in Neihu on the backside of the Public TV Station hill. PM me if you want details and I’ll try to dig them up.