Paintballing and Go-Karting

I am looking for help finding companies that run paintballing and go-karting. I know they exist around Taipei but I can’t find any contact details for them.

Is there anyone out there that could pass me on this information?


I’d like to find a company that offers both … at the same time. Imagine what fun it would be to race around in a kart shooting at other drivers. Or just be a spectator shooting at the drivers as they go past.
Try PM-ing Poagao. He recently described a good day out at a Karting place in Chungho.

There is a one-kilometer half indoor/half outdoor track near Sandman’s sunny Bitan. The cars are pretty fast and it is indeed a blast. Monkey-boy knows the exact location.

The Taipei Times will be publishing an article about the Hsintien Go-karting place this weekend. You can get all the relevant info in English from that.

In the meantime, if you can read chinese, the place has its own website:

Chunghsiao Fuxing MRT station, Nankang line, farthest ad to the left on the platform in the direction of Taipei Main Station is for “Weight Loss” Go-Karting.

Salmon, Ithose MRT ads are for the above go-karting place. They have a gym on the top floor of the building. There’s also an air-rifle range there for those who want to brush up on their marksmanship.

I thought it meant the go-karts had pedals

air-rifles, ey? that’s a step up from sandman’s boring paint-balling. who’d be willing to go out on the track with all those “marksmen” practising?!

Thanks Monkey and Wolf Reinhold. Sandman, you were feck all help but thanks for having the good taste to put a quote from “The Poet” Shane MacGowan on your postings.

What about paintballing? I had a couple of phone numbers for a place on the way to Dam Shui but never I never got through do them. Don’t know if they closed down.