Has anybody lived in this 'burb? I’ve heard the MRT goes out that way, but can’t see where from the TRTCE website. Which line? How long does it take to get to the main Taipei Railway station?
Would you consider this a reasonable daily commute into the various reaches of Taipei city? What is the area like aesthetically? Thanks for any info.

I’ve lived in Banqiao/Panchiao for more than four years.

quote[quote]I've heard the MRT goes out that way, but can't see where from the TRTCE website. Which line?[/quote]

Xinpu/Hsinpu and Jiangzicui/Chiangtzu Tsui stations on the east-west blue line are both in Banqiao.

Many more MRT stations will open in Banqiao eventually. But this isn’t scheduled to happen until the entire line opens in several more years. But there’s been talk that the Banqiao train station MRT stop may open ahead of schedule this year. I very much hope this happens.

quote[quote]How long does it take to get to the main Taipei Railway station?[/quote] About twelve minutes from Xinpu station.
quote[quote]Would you consider this a reasonable daily commute into the various reaches of Taipei city? [/quote]

How reasonable depends on where in Taipei you work.

I’ve been doing it for years – even before the MRT. The train is also a fast and convenient way to reach Taipei. All trains stop in Banqiao.

quote[quote]What is the area like aesthetically?[/quote] For the most part, you have a choice between ugly, ugly, and ugly. But Banqiao has some nice areas and is improving overall.

Thanks a bunch C.L. You’ve been extremely helpful!

I worked in Panchiao for a year and lived in Tucheng. The MRT currently goes as far as Hsinpu which is in Panchiao and will eventually go all the way to Tucheng. Even before the MRT is finished it is easy to take a train from Panchiao station. Takes about ten minutes to Taipei. You can easily spend just as much time on a bus/walking to an MRT station in Taipei so it is pretty easy to go to Taipei.

Banchiao is pretty awful from what I’ve seen of it. I guess there may be nice parts, but I’ve never seen them. Maybe not as bad as Sanzhong though. If you want to get your rent cheaper by living in a suburb, try Xindian, or even Yong He, which are nicer and also both have MRTs.


Panchiao is nice around the two subway stations. That area is also known as ‘Yuppie Panchiao’. There’s a handy McDonalds, some vegetarian restaurants, huge supermarkets, Blockbusters, a Carrefour that’s not too far. Probably the best scooter mechanic around is a block before the Chiangzitsui MRT stop. But now that the Alfa Romeo dealership has closed, it might start going downhill.

To follow up on the MRT situation:

It looks like the early opening of the next stop in Banqiao isn’t going to happen, despite pressure from the Taipei County Government. The next batch of stations – Banqiao to Nanzi – won’t open until around the end of 2005 . Haishan to Yongning will open about a year after that.

Oh, I’ve timed the Xinpu - Taipei Main Station run the past few days. I was wrong before: It averages 10 minutes, not 12.

Nuts. Oh well, a less than 20 minute commute by train is reasonable in my book. Thanks for all the info folks.

If you like to play golf, there is a tiny 9 hole golf course right in the middle of Panchiao City. Kind of a bizarre place. Smallest golf course I’ve ever seen. Expect to pay US$100 for 18 holes.