Panda Express

Anyone seen any Panda Express in Taiwan recently? Got a real craving for US Chinese food, ideally something with lots of calories for the buck.

Alternatively, what is the closest Panda Express location from Taoyuan airport?

I haven’t seen any.

But I do not think anyone here has a taste for American Chinese food… the closest thing will be those Zhi Zhu Chan…

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Really? The ones near me really suck.

Well, American chinese food is modified to American tastes, just like the American food here is modified for Taiwanese tastes. Maybe someone can start a branch of Panda Express here and even allow Food Panda to deliver it…


Knock yourself out, Bozo

Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya


No it isn’t. Americans hate that shit too. They’d take something authentic any day if they could actually get it.

蜘蛛饞? :thinking:


Alternatively, I saw @Whatsisname0409 posting something about making orange chicken over on that stupid fuckin recipe thread.
If you were to go over to his place and act all gay, you could probably frighten him into making some for you,
I think he’s in fuckin Budapest or some fuckin thing.

Go nuts.


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Literally the closest to Taoyuan airport probably will soon be…

The first Panda Express in the Philippines is supposed to be opening at SM Megmall very soon.

SM Megamall
Bldg J Vargas cor, Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1555 Metro Manila, Philippines

Unless there is one in Okinawa.

Philippines may be the closest place for Wendy’s also and sometimes my first and/or last meal arriving or departing. They are in the airport at Manila and just down the road from the airport at Clark.


No panda no taco bell here :frowning:

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I keep remembering him as @AndrewWhatonearthwasthefuckingnumberagain?


Taco Bell in both Japan and the Philippines.

Go to any 熱炒 stir fry place and order 糖醋豬 sweet sour pork with some 炒飯 fried rice。 Ask them to add some red food coloring or close your eyes.


You don’t want to know what he calls you.


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I’ve been to the one in Japan, it wasn’t as good as the American one…

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What if Panda Express serves General Tso’s Panda?

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That would be a step up from the rat meat.

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Did there used to be a Panda in Taiwan?

Got that in time!

I’m sure I say some funny things in Chinese. I was telling someone about the chicken soup that I cooked and the look on their face let me know my pronunciation was not right.