Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data



It would be more significant if half the viewers didn’t say “Cool! That’s what I would do.”


In keeping with the P theme and the tropical theme, I propose Papaya Papers as the title of the next chapter. :slight_smile:


any taiwanese people mentioned ?
KMT or DPP off shore funds?


Prefer Pitaya Papers, personally.


The Laundromat is an enlightening motion picture, for anyone requiring a potted history of how this stuff works.




They asked about people, and you posted a vague map that itself says politicians. You do get why peoole question your posts so much right?

Do you have another map that answers the question put forth?


I don’t care.

She asked about DPP and KMT offshore accounts.

No but on the website there’s nothing on Taiwan.

650 reporters. Who funded it?

ICIJ is supported by the likes of the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation - Soros the psychopath’s foundation.
Bay & Paul Foundations whose mission is to ‘prepare agents of change’.
Luminate which also supports sound like a political group run by ex-open society workers.
ICIJ - partner with the BBC, Guardian, New York Times… says it all.
It talks about broken systems and abuses of power. Will ignore Australia no doubt.
I noticed Putin is there to see in the headline images. That evil man who wants to march on Whitehall in jackboots.
Those that own BlackRock and Vanguard, will as always still be smoking their cigars.

Well, you are certainly within your rights in that you dont need to care. But if you are going to spend the time to answer people, why not try and work together to get some accurate answers . she (?) Asked about people, not politicians. In this type of data leak, these are actually quite different. Her second question was about 2 political parties. I am not sure how to multi quote properly, so here is her exact post for referrence, and i would like to kindly ask you if you have any info on PEOPLE from taiwan mentioned in these leaks. Politicians or others. How about KMT/DPP off shore funds (this means financial holdings usually, and in this case related to either of these 2 parties)?

Other info is always welcomed, but it would be dandy if you could explain further if you so choose to include extras :slight_smile:

The questions:
“any taiwanese people mentioned ?
KMT or DPP off shore funds?”


Hmm, sounds too much like Pattaya, so people who find that sort of thing boring would assume they can skip the chapter – could be a big mistake! :doh:

Where’s the easy to read who’s who list?


Featuring exotic locales for sinister international billionaires. Places like Switzerland, the Cayman Islands, Panama, and…Pierre, South Dakota? I see James Bond confronting Goldfinger…

Probably, Pattaya Papers portrays pretty passive perceptions. Pathetic

I expect Wyoming and Delaware should make appearances as well. SD must be new to the shell game.

Yeah, apparently South Dakota is an up-and-comer. The Senator from Mastercard must be off his game, now he’s got a whole country to run- and the perks of being an ex-president- books, paid speeches, ‘special guest’ at high-level conferences- probably put to shame what he was getting paid by the finance business all these years.

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This is a reality, and a trend, that has been developing for decades. Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming have all spent years marketing themselves around the world as a welcome home for anonymous shell companies, providing legal secrecy and protection to anyone looking to bury their finances away from investigators and authorities. But as the Pandora Papers make clear, another state, South Dakota, has introduced a brand-new tool to pull in as much anonymous wealth as it can, attracting little attention and even less criticism. The ICIJ, which received the leaked data and partnered with news outlets around the world to publish them, identified more than 200 trusts created in the U.S., holding a total of $1 billion in assets. More than 80 of those trusts were in South Dakota—the most of any state.

And yet the 200 trusts detailed in the ICIJ’s reporting are but a drop in the far larger ocean of money sloshing around in South Dakota’s financial institutions. The Pandora Papers estimate that South Dakota trusts now host some $360 billion in anonymous, untraceable assets. Other estimates put the figure at nearly $1 trillion—all of it stowed in, as the journalist Oliver Bullough recently noted, “probably the most potent forcefield for wealth available anywhere on earth.”

Full service economy.

This isn’t news. South Dakota has been well-known as a great place to hide money for as long as I can remember; decades, for sure. All the offshoring consultants offer it as an option. But certainly the scale of it is bigger than I expected.


It’s a surprise to me. I knew about Wyoming and Delaware, but not SD. If you been reading about it decades, throw up a link.