Parade in Neihu today?

Does anyone happen to know what may have been going on in Neihu today? While driving in to work around 8AM this morning at the on ramp to 1 Expressway, there was quite a procession of vehicles, “floats”, and people dressed in costume. This “parade” appearantly wound it’s way all the way up to Cheng Gong Rd / Jinhu Rd (Neihu Station) area. At first I thought it was just a large funeral procession, but this seemed so much longer and more elaborate than any funeral I have seen thus far…

I saw it too…twas fun! they were on gang qian lu too…

God moving ceremony or a land blessing ceremony probably. Most districts still have yearly parades to bless the area. Temple parades are not as frequent as down south but they are common enough in Taipei if you keep you eyes open.


There are a bunch of big temple festivals in the Taipei region coming up in late April, May and June. There are two in Danshui, one at Longshan temple, another at Jiufen and I think another at Xingtian temple.

Dream Community parade?

I think that’s in October or November.

Yeah, that temple parade (miaohui) business can be very noisy and protracted indeed. A couple of weeks ago, the temple I live near had theirs. It was a Saturday and went on from mid-morning until darkness fell about 6-ish, then there was more of something similar a bit later on, two weeks or so and the temple is still ‘dressed up’. Can’t comment on the look of the parades etc, as I didn’t see any of them, but they seemed to be either very long, or going 'round and 'round the area over and over. I asked a local friend and she said that it can be to celebrate that temple’s god’s birthday or something like that.