PARC police check

Those applying for a PARC, or ROC citizenship for that matter, are required to submit a police report from their own country. This poses a problem for applicants from certain countries, such as the USA, which lack a centralized police bureau capable of issuing such reports.

In the past, U.S. applicants have sidestepped this problem by submitting statements from local sheriffs, police departments, and the like. Now, however, their police records must come from the FBI (which, unless I am mistaken, does not actually issue these to individuals).

Is there anyone here who has gone through this recently, and can clarify the current situation?

PS. Never mind–I see there’s another thread about this.

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PS. Never mind–I see there’s another thread about this.[/quote]
Where did you find that thread? I’m in need of a background check.

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