Parental leave

Anyone know where I can find the parental leave laws? I’m hearing I can take 3-6 mo off at 60% pay if I’m a full time salaried worker. Any truth to that?

I see this, are you insured under the labor insurance? Article 19-2


I thought that only applies to citizens.

This looks very helpful

it may be to citizens and foreign spouses.

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I’m currently taking parental leave. Let me know if you have questions.

@tempogain’s link will give you good info:

@tando is right about that:

Also, one additional info for you: the 60% if not based on your salary, but in the insured salary. I’m assuming you are a foreigner and that your salary is above NT$45,800, which is the highest labor insurance salary.
In other words, if you take this leave, you’ll be getting paid 60% of NT$45,800, or NT$27,480.
It’s not much, but better than nothing :wink:

ETA: one more detail: you can only take this if your spouse if also employed.


How do I find out if I’m insured under the labor insurance? I know money is taken out each month for health insurance for myself, my wife and my son. They also claim to put 6% of my salary into a pension fund. How do I go about checking the pension account?

If you fit in one of these:

  1. An ROC national.
  2. A foreign national, Mainland Chinese citizen, Hong Kong citizen or Macao citizen married to an ROC citizen and having acquired legal residency in ROC.

Hey that’s me! Lol. I’m married to ROC citizen but my visa is APRC not marriage visa. Is my emoloyeer paying for this labor insurance or is it coming out of my pay? I know about 2300 a month is coming out for “insurance” but I always assumed it was just health insurance. Is there a way to verify online that I’ve been making labor insurance payments?

Table of Grade of Labor Insurance Salary

How to Inquire Personal Insurance Data?

Unpaid Parental Leave Allowances


Very helpful links, thank you! When the link refers to a “national identification card” is that the same as an APRC? It also mentions a “digital certificate”. I followed the website for applying for a digital certificate but the English is difficult to understand. Is there a place to apply for the digital certificate or national identification card in person?

Yes, APRC (as well as ARC) is counted as national identification card

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