Parent's renounced my citizenship when I was young, can I get it back again?


I was born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother. When I was 8 years old I moved to Canada and my mother renounced my Taiwanese citizenship/residency(?), anyways I don’t have a Taiwanese passport. I’m born in 1994. I read online that I’m able to skip getting a TARC due to,

  • you were born in Taiwan between February 10th 1989 and February 9th 1999 and your mother had Household Registration (even if your father was not Taiwanese)

I still live in Canada, and I have a Canadian citizenship.

I also read the recent Reddit post that if I have a Taiwanese parent I don’t need to wait 365 days to register residency and get household registration in Taiwan anymore. It also says it’s for overseas born Taiwanese which I am not. (But there is a chance that I am legally treated like one because I do not have residency & I have a taiwanese parent that’s why I included this sentence)

The problem is that my parents renounced my residency & passport, so I do not know how it effects things.

what you will do is to apply for restoration of your ROC nationality.

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Before you do anything else, call your mother to make sure she actually renounced your Taiwanese citizenship, and not just cancel your residency. Those are two very different things.


Why did she do that? Was it your dad pushing it?

I did hear of one Canadian guy wanting his kids to be ethnically Canadian lol (despite procreating with a Taiwanese…) and wanted to renounce his kids citizenship, prevent them from learning Chinese etc…

I always wondered how that worked out lol.

Exactly. Also I’d be fairly angry if my mother/father cancelled a citizenship for no reason…