Part-Time Work on the Side

I assume it should be legal but not sure what paper work is required. I have a full time job but I’m wondering if I can also sign a part time contract on the side. What are the legal requirements? Do I need to apply for another work permit?

P.S. I tried to read previous threads but if any exist they are buried under the “can I get work visa with part time work” threads.

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You just need to apply for a work permit. I did it before. The side job helped me get the work permit

My full time contract says I need permission to do outside work. If you dont have this, next question is whether you have open work rights such as with marriage visa

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You don’t need open work rights as long as you get a work contract and your primary job meets the salary and work requirements

The full-time employer is totally fine with it.

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The main job easily qualifies for the permit. I don’t need a separate work permit for the side job?

You do need the work permit but it doesn’t need to have the other restrictions like hours or minimum pay


How sure are you about this? Do you have a source? Assuming that someone already has permission from their main employer as in this case, the two things that I figured might be a problem are:

  • Is it really possible to get a second work permit with no minimum number of hours specified (unlike the 16 or whatever it is needed for the “first” ARC)?
  • The Labor Standards Act doesn’t allow that many working or overtime hours per day/week/month (more than 8 hours per day regular, 40 hours per week regular, 48 hours per week total, and so on). I doubt this will be an LSA violation when it’s for multiple employers, but couldn’t the MOL and/or immigration have an issue approving the second work permit if someone already has a full-time job?

I’m very sure because it’s something I’ve already done. You don’t need a second arc at all as long as you have your first one. You only need permission to work somewhere.

Other evidence of this is public elementary schools where teachers are split between schools. This is legal only because teachers are made to obtain seperate work permits for each school. From what I’ve been told, those minimum hours are cumulative. So as long as you’re collectively making above the threshold, you should fine.

My second job simply applied for a second work permit and I was issued one no issues

  1. That is another issue that is possible. I wasn’t working full time when I did this, I was on a 20 hour a week buxiban contract. So it’s possible that going over the hours would be an issue

For buxiban work permits, there are minimum and maximum weekly hours for each job. Iirc it’s 14 to 32 for the first job and 6 to (32 minus the other job(s)) for each additional one, to a total maximum of 32. The formula is in one of the regulations under the Employment Service Act. The hours include “teaching related duties” which is defined elsewhere as including lesson prep time.

For all other jobs, if there’s no minimum or maximum, then there’s no minimum or maximum. :slightly_smiling_face:

It won’t.

Exception: If the two employers are separate business entities on paper but effectively operating as one, then the worker or the government can plausibly make a case against the employer.

Plausible, but I think they’re unlikely to care unless they suspect a law evasion scheme.