Partners to start up a school

Hey all,

I find myself with a lot of teaching experience, a fair amount of time, some money and an interest in starting a new cram school. I’ve done some work on the viability of such a venture and I find it quite possibly a profitable idea. However, I am in need of a business partner. Such a partner would ideally have some money to invest and/or some skills. A Taiwanese person would be great, although I’d consider anyone if they had something to add. I’d consider moving anywhere in Taiwan if someone had a good idea, and I’m really just looking to put a bunch of time into an interesting project.

Let me know if anyone has interest in such a project.

Do you have a client base?

Let me know if I’ve totally misunderstood your question, but I think you mean do I have a group of potential/likely customers.

In which case, I work in two elementary schools, a cram school and tutor multiple groups of students. So, I’d have a pretty good pool of potential students to draw from.

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Have you considered doing an online/virtual school… the traditional cram school is so 19th century… if so, I might be interested. Have you ever taught online?

I must admit that I’ve never considered it, but I’d be interested in talking. How would one go about such a thing practically?