Pawn Shops


Heard about them, but haven’t seen them. Where are they in Taipei area?


Everywhere. But they’re nothing like pawn shops in the west apparently, although never having been into one in Taiwan I can’t say for sure. I’ve walked past plenty of them but the only one I can think of off the top of my head is near Houshanpi MRT, on Yongji Rd close to the corner of Zhongpo Nth Rd.


當 look for this character at the storefront

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Every time I see a pawn shop it’s just one person buying things. I never see a shop where they’re selling the items.


They buy/sell, pawn mostly gold, diamonds (jewelry), scooters, motorcycles & cars. High value items.


I’ve never seen a pawn shop here where you can buy things. I love shopping in pawn shops in Hawaii for the local styled jewelry. Diamonds are old anyway. 1-3.5 billion years or so.


That’s like my grandma. And she smells funny. I like the newer stuff at the mall.


Run by gangsters. Avoid at all costs. Second hand stores can be found by a simple online search.


The items are actually posted online for most of them. They are government regulated and have a fixed interest rate. I think it’s like 3.5% monthly for 3 months before they take it. You can however pay the interest and not the principal to prolong the 3 months before they take it.


Most of the pawning is done to payoff gambling debts from high stakes mahjong games. Unlike in the US where it’s down-on-their-luck blues guitarists that the Devil ain’t interested in.


What is not run by gangsters in Taiwan?


I’ve seen a used goods store across from shilin night market. They buy and sell used goods. Not sure if it’s an actual pawn shop.


No, they don’t give you money until it’s sold and there is a limit on how long you can have it for sale there.


I’ve been recommended a second hand site by my friend and was skeptical at first, but bbbobo definitely has a lot of good for sale at very reasonable prices. I bought a few things there I never expected to find, tambourines and a metronome. Their locations are available here:

Not sure on their policy on buying, but probably pay by the pound (by that, I mean cheap), but the variety of products was shocking.