Paying for Middleman Service for obtaining and shipping goods from

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I have been looking to partner up with someone for a long time living in Taiwan who is willing to be a middleman in purchasing goods for me from

I am a collector of Pokemon and anime goods and a businesswoman as well who sells such products for a living. A friend of mine also needs help getting a collectible for her collection she has wanted for a long time, and I wanted to assist her with that.

I would of course pay the person ahead of time for the bid + shipping + commission that we agree upon as fair. The payments would be made via Paypal, so I would also cover any PayPal fees. I would not ask anyone to bid for me before I give the payment. If you don’t win a particular auction then you would just refund the money. If you win for lower than than the max bid then you would just refund the difference.

If anyone is open to this my email is or you can find and add me on Facebook:

I will make sure you are paid fairly for your time. Unfortunately… there are no services online that allow people from outside Taiwan to shop on Ruten… so sometimes collectors are forced to ask for help.

I would potentially like to make this a long term thing as I have many customers who would buy specific Pokemon Taiwan goods… and I am willing to give a higher commission when the items I am after are for my business.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Just one question: is that legal?

Why wouldn’t it be?

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It’s legal for people with a company for sure.

I have a company.

I’m interested. Will email you or pm you later on. @Nerdy_Nikole

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It’s legal for anyone as long as they are not items prohibited by your country to export. All you are doing is ordering things for someone else and mailing it to them. Nothing bad about it at all!

Also sounds good Marco!