Paying incubators for recommendation letter

Hey everyone,
In the past half year, I have been trying to find incubators or accelerators, and I applied at some of them, in order to meet the requirements for an entrepreneurial visa. However, most incubators charge a pretty high fee and it seems to me that they are just making money from foreigners that have no other way to come to Taiwan to set up a startup. Do you have any advice on how or where I should look into (or apply to) to be eligible for an entrepreneur visa? is there another way to get an ARC and work permit and set up a company without enrolling into a mandarin language school or finding a full-time work that sponsors it?
Thank you very much in advance

You maybe already checked, but just in case that you have not yet looked into here.

Hi @Nimi. Have you come across the Employment Gold Card yet? Is that potentially an option for you?