Paying Out of Pocket for Tests

Last year I paid for an MRI as a precautionary measure, the results of which displayed an “anomaly”. A subsequent biopsy revealed some health issues I need to monitor moving forward. It’s now been a year since the first MRI and my doctor has scheduled a 2nd one.
Am I responsible to pay for this 2nd MRI? Or would NHI handle all/some of the costs?
I am no longer working full time, so my old company is not handling any insurance for me. I do possess an APRC.
The same question would apply for any future biopsy I need performed that would “update” my condition.
I’ve been getting various responses from my Taiwanese friends.

If you still have the NHI, and saw the doctor with your NHI card, and the doctor ordered the MRI, then NHI will pay for it.

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Why isn’t your company handling your health insurance? Even when working part-time, your company is supposed to handle it. They might make a concerted effort to avoid doing it, but they are still responsible for it.

My experience is such things could be ordered once per year or initially maybe 6 months such as something picked up in lungs. Then later could increase to every 2 years.
A doctor would normally order it after reviewing your history and making sure you meet the NHI criteria.
I notice on any CTs I get they also look for other possible problems so it’s good to get a paper summary of the scan which you can then use when seeing other doctors.
You can also get a copy of the scan on a CD for a few hundred in case you didn’t know that …at least with CTs.

I guess it would depend on whether it is medically indicated (as determined by a doctor). If you want to get an MRI every half year to be extra safe but doctor said it was not necessary then maybe not.

I’m self-employed as a consultant.

Thanks for all the valuable responses. I had the MRI performed yesterday and did not need to pay anything.
Damn those things are loud!

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