Paying taxes for small enterprise...not in Taipei

So my friend has a baking business, nothing fancy, and would like to pay taxes on it. However, she had no idea how. Me neither.

The “company” is miraculously inscribed so I guess there must be some kind of Tax Office for Neili? Or am I too ambitious and it is one for all Taoyuan?

I remember back in the day I registered myself as a business, and I got the yellow sticker that says I don’t have to use fapiao.

And honestly I have no idea how to pay tax either, if I were making enough to be paying them. They did not make it very clear.

Make sure the business is registered before asking. If so, jhst go to any tax office and ask them. Some store types dont need to issue a reciept, but I think they still should be paying taxes if they make over whatever the magic number is.

The tax office is, logically, the only government “service” that I have consistently polite and actually literate in what they do. They will sort you out, with a smile and likely even in english. Especially up north, should be lots of offices.

That is the thing, I am a bit suspicious of Taoyuan/Neili having this service at all…

Well, gotta try and see.

Not having a tax office? Impossible, taoyuan is still considered pretty busy for taiwan, they couldnt not have a tax office. Every county has at least one. and of each. house/land/income, all should be well serviced there. Not familair with neili but taoyuan should have one, or zhongli. Both are pretty big and busy.

In Englishee I mean? Service in English?

Yes, the tax people know they are legally stealing money from people that yell at them everyday about just that. With this in mnd, if you go in smiling they are probably the nicest government beaurocracy you will ever encounter in taiwan. And if you are giving them a percent of your income they will (better) have someone in the office that can speak english to help. Unlike other beaurocracies like health care, education, roadways and.such, with taxation nearly everyone is justifiably entitled to be served. Failing to do so, they dont get paid. They know that and deal with real assholes hourly. A smile and asking for help is probably the highlight of their day!

The tax office in Taichung was a pain in the ass when I ran a business, always suspicious of my lack of invoices (not my fault I didn’t have much business ).
As an individual they have always been a pleasure to deal with but they will audit people and apply penalties if they catch you being tricky.

So dont be tricky…if you run everything normally they owe you service or you are entitled to.make their work day hell.

I understand the suspicion aspect, I have had that too. I always just tell them hey are welcome to do sales for me and improve, otherwise hurry up. My business volume is not your business. Understand? Thank you.

For me it is more the banks that are total douche bags, not so much tax office. The art of telling soneone to go f*ck themselves with just the right bala.ce of threat, passive aggressiveness, politeness and joking attitude is a fine art wrth learning :slight_smile: but go in swinging when you know youre 100% in the right. Soon you will be sipping tea in their bosses office joking about givernment beaurocracies.