Paypal information openly on the net

You can GOOGLE it up, try your email address…

Just found my own donation to Mozilla openly on the network, with email and amount. This should not be, surch data can be used for spoofing.

Like: you paid 20 USD to Paypal, can you please click this link to update your userdata and insert your password :unamused:

Here we go:

[quote]Item name: Monthly $10 donation
Txn id: 5TM9269558830754B
Receiver email:
Payment status: Pending
Payment gross: 10.00
Payer email:
Customer details are as follows:

Payer Status: verified
Payment Type: echeck[/quote]

Also Problem payments are there!

EDIT: some are test datas, but not all. Because I found myself there and I have really donated. Tsktsk

I’ve tried this googling of email address, and I get nothing. How do you make it happen?

I get at least three scam emails from so-called “ebay” each day telling me that if I don’t click their link and reconfirm my paypal info, my account will be suspended.
I can live with that as I don’t have a Paypal account. But if you click on the link it looks pretty convincing if you’re not paying attention to things like urls and suchlike.

OT but you mentioned spoofs (phishing?)… be alert to the nasty Amazon emails going around.

yup, I just got it when I combine my name with my email address or better a part of it…