Paypal to Chang Hua Bank

Hi guys
Hope y’all are well
I have this question,can i link my Chang Hua bank card to paypal?
if possible,neteller or skrill as well
thank you

It is only possible to withdraw PayPal balance to an E.SUN bank account in Taiwan. They have some sort of special partnership. You can read more on this here.

E.Sun is the only one that complies with whatever Paypal’s regulations are. I doubt you’re going to get very far doing anything with Chung Hwa anyway.

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thanks a lot !

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yeah i feel like chung hwa only good for local payments
post office still better
thats only my opinion

Govt.regs more than likely prevent this, not PayPal. Law requires international transfers to be for named recipients-or senders.m

what about skrill guys ?

If you use E.Sun, you need to link up your PayPal to your account first. Then each time you want to send a transfer, you have to use your E.Sun account to withdraw your PayPal. If you go into your PayPal account first to send money (like in other countries) to E.Sun, you will waste your time and likely be frustrated. It’s weird, but after linking up your accounts, your E.Sun will have a withdraw button to get your PayPal money.

It’s both. As I remember, there were new banking regulations in Taiwan, possibly as a result of changes in international regulations. Either Paypal looked at the situation and said “Forget Taiwan” or all the banks thought it was too much trouble except ESun.
One little known rule that makes me think it’s mostly Taiwan’s doing: It’s prohibited to send money from one Taiwanese Paypal account to another Taiwanese Paypal account.

Used to be possible to do both. My old bank account was linked for ages. Money came/went without issue until suddenly it stopped working. Of course, it stopped exactly when I needed it most. A reminder in Taiwan, never put all your eggs in one basket. Regs. change so fast and with little formal warning.

What are skrill guys?