PB G4 Superdrive issue

I have a PB G4 17". Suddenly today I tried to insert a blank CD in my superdrive and it won’t stay in. I can insert it all the way, but it deosn’t stay in.
I never messed with it and it always worked perfectly.
Can anyone help or should I bring it to a store?

System Preferences -> CDs & DVDs -> -------------

Suggest you select “ignore” or “Disk Utility.”

No joy? PM or try me on iChat.

Do you have AppleCare?

I own a PB G4 17" as well, and I have AppleCare. Something I didn’t pay attention to when I got AppleCare is that you get a rather generous tech support call allowance. If you call the toll free number on Apple Taiwan’s Web site, it is often routed directly to English-speaking tech people in Singapore, and last time, Australia. If your problem is common and they have a record of others having the same problem, they’ll be able to help you out, and/or recommend where to get it fixed.