PC gamers

I’ve run out of good games to play. They are just not releasing them fast enough. I’ve just finished Deus Ex 2 and Starwars Knights of the old republic.
I want to know what other people are playing to give me some ideas.

Call of Duty

Unfortunatley i dont have a credit card so i cant play final fantasy online. as for the 2 war games, i have them and have’nt got around to playing them yet. i think i will have a crack at call of duty.
halo was fun.

Where did you get Deus Ex 2? I haven’t seen it in stores here.

its not in stores here…it was a christmas present

Oh well. Amazon doesn’t ship games overseas (could be used to guide missiles, don’t ya know), so I guess I’ll have to steal it from a warez site or something.

i enjoyed playing it but its a bit ‘lite’ compared to the first one

I’d like to get a few first person shooters for the PC. What would you guys recommend as your Top 5 FPS?

I really enjoyed the Jedi Knight series after getting tired of all the war simulations. Unreal 2 and Tournament 2003 are both good. One of the computer game magazines I saw at a bookstore last night has Thief 3: The Metal Age on a disc that comes with the mag, as well as an article on Doom 3. Personally I can’t wait for Half Life 2, but Halo is next on the table for me. I’d also like to get Star Trek Elite Force 2, but haven’t seen it here.

halo is probably the best first person shooter out there at the minute

First person shooters… Blackhawk down and Medal of Honor.

I hadn’t played a first-person shooter game for quite a while (never found anything to beat CS) until a few days ago, I downloaded America’s Army (all whopping 650MB of it) and have to say, I’m extremely impressed.


The training camp is a fun way to break up the online action, and some servers require you to reach a certain level of training before joining. It’s account-driven, so you take your qualifications with you wherever you log in to play.

anybody played any games that are not first person shooters? or real time strategies? seems like all the games out there are updated versions of either doom or warcraft II. anybody played anything different? (besides the baldur’s gate series, already finished all those).

star wars-Knights of the old republic is an excellent game…its made by the baldurs gate people but its star wars! a great rpg

i startd with prince of persia today… its okay i guess… but i still spendmost my time playign warcraft 3 online

i found one… neverwinter nights. :slight_smile:

if you are interested in more fps type games…theres a new one in the woirks called ‘far cry’ , it looks like its going to be the sleeper hit of the year…you can get the demo using bittorrent, or the official site will be able to point you int he right direction:
ive been playing it all morning…the ai of the enemies is way more advanced than anything else i’ve seen, they really dont want to die.
You will need a pretty good system to play it though

Maybe u guys could try playing www.hattrick.org
The Taiwanese community is in need of some players :slight_smile:

have you tried DOD? (day of defeat), it’s a HL mod (an excellent one). I used to be a Quaker, and other FPS games of that era, then moved to CS, now I’m much into DOD… one of the best multiplayer FPS there is. why ?

  1. buy once and you can use the cd-key on every server worldwide, and no cost what so ever afterwards.
  2. if you alrady have an older version of HL, then you can get DOD for free, just download over the net.
  3. there’s an active community of taiwanese DOD players here.
  4. low system spec, if you can run the games you’ve said, you can run this… (though an ASDL connection is required)
  5. the community (adms) here are pretty good dealing with chaters, so a better gaming experience, unlike in CS (which you get lots of campers and cheaters).

final word, just try it and see if you like it… I haven’t had much time playing other games since I’ve started playing DOD… (yes, I feel guilty about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

ps. the adms here in TW are pretty strict about their server rules, basically that’s no cheating nor disrupting other players on the server, make sure you find some server rules to read first. try not to get banned or you will NOT be able to get back into their server anymore… and there’s only a handfull of servers running here in TW.

ok gamers - cannae help me out?

I’m lookin’ at the Age of Mythology Collector’s edition. Pretty nice collection of goodies if I do say. Even went so far as to have a guy open it up for me to check language suitability (didn’t even have to ask 'em - but felt strangely guilty when I didn’t purchase).

Instructions were in mandarin. Glossy, lovely Tech-trees were in mandarin.

They, the shop owners, thought that the game could be played in english, but not the expansion pack.

Anyone have the collector’s edition? Can I play this thing in english? It’s the usual dilemma, ain’t it…