PC illin, Norton English Version

dont know if this should be here or in where can I find…

anyway, where can I find english version of pc illin or norton anti virus software.

can the chinese version be used on a computer that is all in english? don’t think so but not sure.

Thanks a lot…

You can buy Norton online and download the installation files, so you don’t need a CD.

US Norton

Maybe consider about free antivirus.
I suggest Clamav for windows. It’s free and support viruses-code update.

You can search it from internet or http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/ClamAV-Download-13391.html

I like the idea of free anti virus…I had a free one before, but I can’t remember from where. New computer and new stuff to put in it… oh buy the way is this free one as good as norton or pcillin…


AVG Anti-Virus is a pretty decent free anti virus program.

I agree… the new version of AVG Free is excellent… POP3 incoming and outgoing scanning, daily auto updates, virus vault etc… if you want to schedule custom scans etc though you’ll need to fork out for the pro version… but all in all great features and an effective anti virus for zero dollars… :sunglasses:

I agree AVG is good one, but it’s FREE version cannot be installed in any kind of SERVERs. So…it is suitable to 98, me, 2Kpro and XP.

EZ Antivirus from Computer Associates. Free.


Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. :notworthy:

I bought an English Pccillin in Fnac by Warner a few months ago. The Fnac in some department store near Zhongshan MRT has some in now too.