Pchome-like site that accepts foreign cards?

I noticed pchome annoyingly doesn’t accept foreign cards; even a common ones like mastercard. I’m looking to buy a new laptop (and have a specific one in mind), but really want to swipe my business card. Preferably amex, although mastercard will do. I’m quarantined so I can’t go out, or I’d just go to GuangHua where I know one store that does swipe Amex. Extra points if they ship fast.

Any thoughts?

Most stores don’t take credit card either or add a surcharge.

What laptop you looking for? I can check.


Looking for the 2022 ROG Zephyrus G14 in black.

You can connect your card to line pay as a middleman that pchome accepts.


Tried Google Pay - no dice, so far:


LINE Pay does not accept my American bank issued cards.

It accepted mine. :person_shrugging:

it seems like it potentially accepted my mastercard on line pay - but vaguely asked me to call customer service… without a phone number. The first time using Line Pay is like 40k ntd, I get it. However, lol there’s no number and Google is fruitless.

Edit: Lol I feel like I’m being trolled by Line, now:

Edit 2: ^ Ok that’s wrong. The # is 02 6631 5166 - but 100% Chinese. I’ll try Samsung pay.

I am pretty sure Rakuten accepts foreign cards.

Amazon ships free to Taiwan.

Better specs and a much lower price. Will save you roughly 500USD
Ships fast and arrives within 7 days.


There’s a huge diff between the 2021 and 2022 version: 2021 is mid, 2022 is mid-upper

Won’t this get trapped in customs and such, +customs fees?

nope. My orders never have. Amazon includes those fees for you. 9 times out of 10 you get a refund on those fees a month later.

Ah screw it guys - need it fast - my wife just used her card on pchome and I owe her instead :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll use Rokuten next time tho when speed isn’t req’d! Well, or Amazon O_o

Damn, I get discounts directly from ASUS. Was just out getting food.

I would cancel till I get a chance to look.

Ah it’s ok - speed is above all, anyway, and since I’m quarantined I don’t want to involve a 3rd-party :slight_smile: I appreciate the offer, though!

PS - how’d you manage to get sweet discounts like that? Asus rocks.

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Two/three days is too slow?

Usually save about $3000-9000

I got contacts. Fapiao included. All legit

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Hi Marco
May I butt in this thread to ask if your offers are specifically for ASUS products? I’m trying to find AMD Epyc 7702 server CPU for around $31 000. I know it may be a long shot, just want to ask

Unfortunately, that’s an AMD product, not really an ASUS product.

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If you have an ARC and a salaried job them just go down to the bank and get a credit card.

Unfortunately, that’s an AMD product, not really an ASUS product.

Hm maybe he means a prebuilt with that cpu?

If you have an ARC and a salaried job them just go down to the bank and get a credit card.

Ah I save 18.3% if I use a business credit card from 'Murka (business expense saves 15.3% taxes + 3% cash back). I can probably still qualify it as a business expense, but gets messy since I had to transfer the money to my personal account.