PDA + Dictionary = Too much already?

Hi, I am new in this PDA stuff. So I was happy I bought my my first PDA (SONY PEG-NX70V/G), downloaded the OXFORD C-E dictionary from pleco.com… everything smooth, everything fine.

But then I installed the Chinese OS from YouBeSoft, and after the HotSync… wooops! 3K free out of 11M?!

Can’t open Clie Launcher (due to lack of space), no sign of Chinese characters OS, either… I chose to install hanyu pinyin besides and also checked the option that seemed to say “all the character sets”, so I guess it ate up the space… so fast!

I just want to know… how do you guys do it?? I just want to use my little precious dictionary… :cry:

You shouldn’t have a problem using both at the same time. If it’s necessary, you can move some file to a memory stick (assuming you have one).

You could re-install with just the traditional fonts, unless you need the simplified too.

The Oxford has doesn’t require a chinese OS, so if that’s all you want then why install the OS anyway? Mine came with Palm Dragon, and what with all the other stuff (photos etc) I have on there I think I’m using over 13M right now.

Yeah, put it on a memory stick. If you buy a 128M or more you’ll probably have room for the software and all the music you can listen to before the battery runs out.

Many thanks to both.

Yes, contrary to what I thought, it is not necessary for the Dictionary to have Chinese OS, so I uninstalled that part… oh, well… :unamused:

But hey, still I am amazed :shock: at how small the/my Cli

Oh, yes, now I need things to play with!! Miltownkid, those ShiDa books’ transcripts / mpgs would be very useful. Since those were the books I used, I am very interested and eager to have them to review - for free, exchange them for something you want, even buy?.. write to me! :smiley: