"Peace" and "Justice" Crowd Alert!

OK rookies, you’re hip & groovy, have all the correct t-shirts, know all the cool chants and are self-inflated with your newly discovered political consciousness…ya da bomb…riiiight?
Here’s some OLD SCHOOL dudes who have been doin’ the P&J dance for 63 years!.
Word UP newbies! This could be you!

[quote]Do They Still Protest WWII?
March 18, 2005, by Joe Mariani

"March 20, 2005 will mark the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The war lasted only three weeks before Saddam dropped out of sight and into a spider-hole… but for some hopefuls, it will never end.

I’m not talking about the Ba’athist thugs who plot and struggle to regain the power – built on fear and murder – that they held over the Iraqi people for so long. I’m talking about the looney anti-war Left, who will spend the next few weeks continuing to protest a war that toppled a dictator, ended decades of evil tyranny and brutality, freed and gave hope to tens of millions, began the spread of democracy throughout the Middle East… and ended almost as quickly as it began. Yes, they’re protesting a war that’s already over.

When you think about it, it’s almost laughable – when it’s not pitiful, that is. Caught in the grip of rabid Bush-hatred, these so-called “progressives” ignore all signs of long hoped-for progress in the Middle East to excoriate its author for bringing it about! Elections and free speech in countries that (in many cases) have never known such things fail to impress the “Not In Our Name” crowd. Where will these “anti-war” folks be in a few decades? It’s as if there were still people actively protesting US involvement in WWII, even in light of the fact that Hitler is gone, the world is safe from the threat of Nazi domination and Germany has become a peaceful democracy. Imagine how ridiculous they would sound.

CARTHAGE, TUNISIA – Carrying signs saying, “End The US Occupation of Germany” and, “War Is Not The Answer,” the seven remaining members of Peace For Our Time, a group that once numbered in the dozens, have gathered once again. The group continues its protest against US involvement in World War II, at the spot on which it began 63 years ago in 1942

“There was never any reason to invade Tunisia,”
“No Tunisians ever attacked America!”
" Roosevelt lied, and people died!"i[/i]

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