Peace Fest in Hualien County!

Hey friends, the tradition continues! Here’s the info:

San Jhan (Pratan) Peace Music Cultural Gathering

What? a simple FREE 3-day music festival and peaceful gathering in the beautiful natural surroundings of San Jhan. This is a FREE event, but for those wishing to do so, donations may be made to support 3 needy families living in the village. We are currently looking into the possibility of also supporting other deserving local charitable endeavors, since one of the aims of the weekend is to raise some funds to help less-fortunate people in the immediate area. This donation collection and distribution to the recipients is being overseen by the good people of the Sanjhan Village Council.
這是一個免費的活動,但希望自由樂捐, 期以幫助在部落裡三個貧困的家庭

When? November 11-12-13, 2011
Friday 7pm-12 midnight @ North River site
Saturday 12 noon-12 midnight @ San Jhan Village Riverside site
Sunday 12 noon pm-6 pm @ North River site
11日 星期五 晚間7點~凌晨12點@北溪園
12日 星期六 下午2點~晚間10點@三棧廣場
13日 星期日 中午12點~傍晚6點@北溪園

Where? Sanjhan Village (also called Tbsagan Pratan, locally) in Hualien County (located midway between Hualien City and Taroko Gorge). Signs will be posted along Highway 9 as you get close to the turnoff, and signs will guide you to the site(s) from this point.
三棧部落 (當地稱為布拉旦)位於花蓮縣,介於花蓮市與太魯閣之間,將沿著九號公路張貼標誌

TRA Train to Hualien Station. Taxi from Hualien Station to Sanjhan (taxi will be around 400-450NT)
TRA Train to Shincheng Station. Taxi from Shincheng Station to Sanjhan. (taxi will be around 300-350NT)
By car/motorbike: Two highway exits will get you to the Village Exit Highway 9 at either the 188.5km marker or just past the 190km marker and follow the brown signs to Sanjhan (Pratan)
可搭乘台鐵到花蓮站 計程車到三棧車資約400~450元
或到新城站 計程車到三棧車資約300~350元

Camping: There is ample space (flat and cleared) for literally hundreds of tents at the North River site. It’s a beautiful piece of land with easy river access and stunning views. Bring your own tent—tent rental is not available, sorry. Collection of fees for camping will be handled entirely by the private landowner, Mr. Li, with all profits going directly to him. He is a very cool dude, and plans to charge only 100 NT per person per night. Facilities include fire pits, outdoor unheated swimming pool, flush toilets, running water and hot showers.
請自備帳棚 非常抱歉露營場地沒有提供租帳棚的服務
A limited amount of space is also available for camping at the Village Riverside site. There is no charge to camp here. Washroom facilities are available. Again, bring your own tent.
無電力供應 有公共廁所可供使用
再次提醒 請自備帳棚
The North River site is about a 25 minute walk from the Village Riverside site. Please note that there will not be regular shuttle service between the two sites.
請注意 從北溪園步行到三棧部落約25分鐘

Other Accommodations: There is a Buddhist retreat along the road to the North River site with rooms available, as well as several home-stays in Sanjhan Village and surrounding area. Please note any advance booking/confirmation requirements that may apply to individual home-stays.

Food and Drink: Food and drink is available from the few small family-run convenience stores and restaurants in the Village, however, be advised these are not open 24-hours. In addition, there will be some food vendors at both North River and Village Riverside sites, however, the number of vendors and the variety of available options, and their operating hours might not be adequate to meet all campers’ needs. Since this is essentially a camping weekend with a lot of free music thrown in, campers should bring sufficient food to feed themselves for the weekend.

Performers: We are looking for singers, musicians, bands and dancers, and are open to other kinds of performance, too. If you would like to perform, please contact Please note, all performers are appearing on a volunteer basis, and no performance fees or travel allowances are provided.
我們尋找歌手,音樂家,樂團,舞者, 並也開放其他類型的表演者加入

Speakers: We are looking for speakers on issues related to peace, environmentalism, health, social justice and human rights, creativity, volunteerism and other topics, too. If you would like to speak, please contact Please note, all speakers are appearing on a volunteer basis, and no speaking fees or travel allowances are provided.

Workshops: If you would like to lead/facilitate a workshop, please contact Please note, all workshop leaders/facilitators are appearing on a volunteer basis, and no honorariums or travel allowances are provided.
請注意!!所有工作坊為義工性質, 無報酬並且沒有提供交通津貼

Vendors: We are looking for vendors of food and drink, handicrafts, clothing, etc. There will be no charge levied on vendors at either site, meaning all profits go directly to the vendors themselves. Vendors please be advised that no facilities will be provided beyond basic electricity—this means you must bring everything you need yourself (tables, tents/tarps, long extension cords, power bars etc.). There is a gas supplier in town that will deliver to both sites. The only limit on vending is that no beer can be sold at the North River site, as beer sales are being handled by the landowner, Mr. Li. There are, however, no restrictions on bringing alcohol into either site.
我們正在尋找食品和飲料 工藝品 服裝等的攤商
你必須攜帶自己所需要的設備,(桌子 帳篷/防水布 長的延長線 插座等)
有一個瓦斯供應商 將提供兩個會場的瓦斯運送

Volunteers: We need you! If you would like to get involved to help out with this event in any capacity, please contact
義 工:我們需要義工!!

There’s swimming! Bring a bathing suit.
The North River site is wheelchair accessible but washrooms are not.
Village Riverside is wheelchair accessible and has wheelchair accessible washrooms.
Pets are allowed, but please keep your animals under control at all times.
As always, it’s important to minimize the environmental impact of this event. Recycling bins will be in place. Please do your part by keeping the festival and camp sites clean, cleaning up after your pets, and disposing of cigarette butts and all other waste in garbage cans.
其他事項:可以游泳 攜帶泳衣.北溪園可供輪椅進入但是洗手間沒有提供進入 三棧廣場與其洗手間方便輪椅進入 可以攜帶寵物,但請隨時注意並控制您的寵物 一如往年,這個活動重要的宗旨是減少對環境的影響 場地會設置回收桶與垃圾桶,請保持會場與營區的乾淨 並清理寵物排泄物,煙蒂,垃圾並放置垃圾桶

:thumbsup: it was held here 2 years back, and most excellent it was too. Looking forward to more of the same :thumbsup:

It will definitely be another humdinger, as they say! :thumbsup:

So far, the following acts have been confirmed, with many more to be confirmed this week:
Mike Mudd
Mister Green (Jason Grenier)
Brian Funshine
The Red Cliff
Nick Brown
Kevin McCash

Interested performers should get in touch ASAP at:
We’re looking for speakers, vendors and workshop leaders, too!

The countdown is ON! Four days to go…
Some other performers have been added to the schedule: Arman Torus, Roger Smith (from Moneyshot Horns), Sky and Friends, Hani from Kasilaw, and some other musical legends may be making the drive up from Dulan/Taidong. I won’t say who, but think ‘Reggae’. Come on down to Hualien for the Party! join the facebook group here:

For those planning to drive from points north, be advised there are road restrictions in effect on Hwy. 9 because of road work.
Cars can only get on Hwy. 9 at the Suao entrance during the following hours:
5:30am to 7:30am
11:00am to 13:00pm
17:30pm 19:30pm
Outside the above three periods, no private passenger vehicles can get on Hwy 9.

‎[台9線] 蘇花公路115.8K處路基嚴重下陷流失, 自11月10日起分段放行車輛管制方式, 分三時段放行開放限制核定總重25噸【含】以下重車限持磅單通行。 施工期間預計55天, 管制區域為蘇花公路「蘇澳入口」至東澳119.5K處。 若車總重超過25頓(車體及貨物總和重量),限制通行。 小於25噸以下車輛,於下列三時段開放通行: 1. 早上 5:30至早上 7:30 2. 上午 11:00至下午 13:00 3. 下午 17:30至下午 19:30 除以上三段時間之外,全面禁止任何車輛通行。