Peacefest 2009 is Nov. 6-8 @ Sanzhan, Hualien County!

This amazing charity benefit music festival is happening next weekend! This is many people’s favorite festival event of the year, and is not to be missed! For details see

The following article was reproduced (with permission) from Highway 11 Magazine

Back to Innocence, Peacefest Comes to Hualien!

回歸自然 : 2009和平音樂祭在花蓮

This year’s theme, “Back to Innocence”, represents a move back to simple roots, and marks the first time Peacefest will be held in a location other than Kunlun Gardens.


Last year’s Hoping for Hoping Peacefest was certainly unforgettable for many reasons, not the least of which was the mud. And we’re not just talking a little mud; that was mud of biblical proportions! Fortunately, it didn’t keep people away or dampen anybody’s spirits! The inclement weather made it a bit of a nail-biter for organizers though, and this year the festival has been moved to November to get well clear of typhoon season. Amplified music will end this year at a very reasonable 12 midnight, and natural sleep cycles will be allowed to proceed accordingly. Those who want to stay up and party the night away will simply have to make their own fun, just like back in the good ‘ol days.


This year’s theme, “Back to Innocence”, represents a move back to simple roots, and marks the first time Peacefest will be held in a location other than Kunlun Gardens. A stripped down, simplified existence seems to do wonders for wearied bodies and spirits, and organizers look to provide this kind of revitalizing experience to fest-goers, while simultaneously breathing fresh wind into the sails of the festival herself as she glides into her 6th year. Enter Sanzhan.


Nestled between Hualien City and Taroko Gorge, and home to the Taroko tribe, the village of Sanzhan sparkles like a jewel on Taiwan’s East Coast. It’s almost as if time has forgotten this magical valley where crystal-clear turquoise rivers meander through mist-shrouded mountains of verdant green and on to the sea. One can almost imagine long-necked brontosauruses lazily munching reeds in the riverbed while pterodactyls swoop and wheel above them. The glory of the Central Mountain Range will provide a jaw-dropping backdrop for three days of peace, love, music, and local indigenous culture. The hope is that peace, tolerance, and compassion can flow from the confluence of the two rivers at Sanzhan and out to the rest of the world.


Who runs Peacefest, anyway? The short answer would be that no one “runs” Peacefest. There’s no CEO, no Board of Directors, no hierarchy. Peacefest has created itself as a grassroots, single-tier, egalitarian collective representing a diverse and amorphous group of pacifist volunteers from countries around the globe. Peacefest in this way represents a set of ideals, and is more social experiment than formal organization. Decisions are reached through group discussion and consensus-building. In cases where consensus cannot be reached, decisions are put to a vote, however reluctantly. Is this an efficient way to get things done? Certainly not always, but this process is arguably just as important as the decisions that are reached. The latter can always be revisited. New experiments can be tried, lessons can be learned, and mistakes can be corrected from year to year. But the relationships built along the way are forever, and lo and behold, there is a viable alternative to top-down, pyramid-shaped organizations! Peacefest is a big loving family, with everyone bringing his or her visions, ideas, and eccentricities to the circle. What binds the family together is a strong opposition to war and other forms of violence, and a belief that there is always reason to hope the world can be a better place. The family is always growing, as new people get involved and inject their fresh enthusiasm, energy, and ideas. There’s room for you, too.


As always, the Hoping for Hoping festival is a fund raiser, with all proceeds (after covering event costs) going directly to charity. The list of 2009 Peacefest beneficiary charities will be posted at

All bands, DJs, and speakers generously donate their time and talents to this event, and receive no monetary compensation.

This festival is organized and staffed entirely be volunteers. Want to be one? Email to



CAMPING: Quiet camping with washrooms and running water is available on adjacent land at a nominal cost. Bring your own tent and gear. It’s about a 25 minute walk from the stage area. There will also be a shuttle between the camping and stage areas. See website for details.


OTHER ACCOMMODATIONS: There is a nearby Buddhist retreat with rooms as well as numerous home-stays in the area. For a list and more info, please see Please especially note and respect the rules for those wishing to stay in the Buddhist retreat and note any advance booking/confirmation requirements that may apply to individual home-stays.


FOOD: A few small restaurants and family-run convenience stores operate in the village, five minutes walk from the stage. Vendors will be selling food and drinks inside and outside the festival.



TRA Train to Hualien Station. Taxi from Hualien Station to Sanzhan (taxi will be around 300-400NT)
TRA Train to Xincheng Station. Taxi from Xincheng Station to Sanzhan. (taxi will be around 150-200NT)
TRA Train schedules available at

By car: Exit Highway 9 at either the 188.5km marker or just past the 190km marker and follow signs to Sanjhan.





:notworthy: Thanks to all bands and performers who applied this year. Your generosity and willingness to be part of Peacefest is much appreciated, and we hope everyone can understand some tough calls have to be made when there were waaaaay more performer applications than time slots available. :blush: Again, to one and all who applied, our hats are off to you! Hope to see you in Sanzhan for lots of after-hours acoustic jamming by the river. :notworthy:

As always, bands, singers, and speakers at Peacefest receive no monetary compensation for helping to make this charity benefit show happen.

FRI NIGHT 19:00 START :sunglasses:
Sanzhan indigenous dance group
ceremonial open jam
banai (Indigenous folk)
kou chou ching (hip hop)
:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

dj dave
blues vibration (blues)
kobayashi & furai (folk from Japan)
godswounds (progressive rock from Australia)
tyler dakin & the long naked bottles (roots)
the admissionaries (roots rock reggae)
dakanow (Indigenous folk)
banai (Indigenous folk)
didgiboom Jam (eclectics)
kimbo (the man is legendary)
new hong kong hair city (funk/rock)
thc (hip hop)
skaraoke (ska)
high tide (reggae/ska)
:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

dj lazy daze
mike mudd (folk)
vana (jazz fusion)
mister green & highway 9 (rock)
collider (loud rock)
malason (Indigenous rock)
:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

What a lineup this is!

There are actually two singers named Banai / Panai. Both of them absolutely amazing, such powerful voices.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful areas in Taiwan which would make it one of the most beautiful places anywhere.

There are some good photos of the village and area on this site:

The Peace Circle has always been so much fun in Longtan. I can’t wait for East Coast Peacefest!

Peacefest is offering a free Yoga class Sunday morning 9:30 am with Xiao Ying, an amazing yoga teacher who trained in India. :thumbsup:
Class is free and will be in both Chinese and English.

Upstairs, 2F in the Sanzhan Village Hall Building

Bring your own mat if you have one :slight_smile:

NEWS from the TRA website for those taking the train and more!

Train is the best bet. Definitely the most comfortable and fastest way (Taroko Class trains do the trip TPE->HUALIEN in times ranging from 2hrs to 2hrs-14mins. Tze Chiang class trains make it in times ranging from 2hours 28 minutes to 3 hours 11 minutes). Take a nap, read a book, or watch the scenery roll by.

To accommodate Taroko marathon runners and peacefesters, more trains have been added to the TRA schedule running from Hualien to Xincheng Station (the station nearest to Sanzhan and Taroko). The trip between Hualien and Xincheng stations takes 12-17 minutes.

Tze Chiang Class daily trains (trains number 1009 and 1026 only) between Changhua/Taichung and TPE are buy 3, get 1 free (4 people travel one-way for 897 NT). These trains take 2 hours.

Don’t be discouraged by the pessimistic Central Weather Bureau forecast. :no-no: Weather in Hualien right now is beautiful—blue, skies, warm and sunny, and it looks like its going to be a beautiful weekend here. :pray: It hasn’t rained significantly in the past couple of weeks.

NOTE: Because of the Taroko Marathon, there will be traffic restrictions in effect on Hwy 8 (Central Cross Island Hwy) from 04:00 Saturday until 14:00 Saturday
Hwy 9 (Su-Hua section) between Taroko Gorge and just north of Sanzhan from 05:00 Saturday until 14:00 Saturday

Please plan accordingly, but don’t let it stop you from coming! :discodance:

It’s gonna be the best weekend of the year!

The Rainbow Kitchen requests that all band members, volunteers and people planning to volunteer to please bring their own bowls, plates and eating utensils. A re-usable cup would be a good idea too. We have a limited amount but not enough to go around.

There is a hand-drumming workshop being taught by a pro teacher. :thumbsup: Some hand drums will be available for participants to use, but numbers are limited so you may want to bring your own. Event time will be posted at the fest entrance. In fact, fest-goers are encouraged to bring their own instruments—there will be abundant opportunities to jam. The whole Valley is gonna be singin’ and hummin’ and strummin’ and pluckin’ and thumpin’ and jumpin’ and… :discodance: :whistle:

There will be speakers on a second stage at various times throughout the weekend. Speakers will be giving educational talks about:
Middle East war refugees
Peace Pilgrim
Morakot relief work
Okinawa peace movement
and more…
Speakers’ scheduled times will be posted at the fest entrance.