Peaceful Protest - Kiwi Style

this picture brought a chuckle for a friday.

if you’re interested, the story behind it is here:,2106,3199689a10,00.html

Interesting. It reminds me of the deal years ago when American farmers were protesting and drove hundreds of tractors to Washington, D.C.

I was very impressed with one thing, really. The article said that serious protestors where “spoken to” by the police. That really struck me as a decent reaction rather than an overreaction (like clubbing and handcuffing).


In Tirau? That was virtually just up the road from home, that place. No wonder they’re so sophisticated. :laughing:

EDIT: Speaking of which, from the same article -

Word. Matamata represent!

Can I get a translation for old farts?

Another peaceful Kiwi protest!


Can I get a translation for old farts?[/quote]
“Go Matamata” :laughing: (Matamata being aforementioned hometown)

here another one just in…
apologies for the censor bar,2106,3210865a10,00.html

I read the article, but still can’t figure out what they’re protesting. Something about “pylons”. What’s a pylon? Not those little red cones that they set up in the middle of the road…? (Or the Sleighstack-related metallic things from Sid and Marty Kroft’s “Land of the Lost”…?)

Pylons = huge metal frame towers carrying power transmission lines across ‘middle earth’