Peach Airlines: new low-cost flights to Japan, HK and Korea … _sale.aspx

Promotion one-way fares to Osaka for NT2200. Not bad.

Looks like regular flights between NT3000-4000 one-way.

Regular NT3000-4000 one-way flights to Japan? Wow, it’s “only” NT60000-90000 where I live.
Very jealous of those in Taipei right now. And for those in Japan, for that matter.

Plus, peach is such a cute name for an airline. D’aww.

That’s exactly why I’d think 4 times before flying Peach Airlines.
I learnt my lesson with Great Wall of China Air. Perfect conditions at the arrival airport, and the hardest landing I’ve ever had.

It’s probably a giant hollowed out peach piloted by a centipede and an earthworm.

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“Hi, my name is James, I’m your chief steward for this flight…”

Anyone used Peach lately? I’d love to about hear your experience(s) with them.


I used peach last year, flight and service was OK, obviously no free food or drinks and heaven forbid you’re a gram over on your carry on baggage.