Peanut Butter

Does anyone know a place that sells 100% peanuts peanut butter? The kind with no sugar or oils added. Please say yes.

Yes. Or at least, I have found it in the past. I can’t remember exactly where, but the wife will probably know. I remember it was a little store selling all organic stuff, including fresh vegetables. Was it in fact in or near Mucha? Could it have been on Hsinhai Rd just past the Muzhin (sp?) Rd. intersection? It could well have been. As I said, I’ve definitely bought it here. Watch this space.

Could it be true? Oh, please man find that address.

I know you’re no saint Sandman, but when I write the Divine Comedy for the 21st century you’ll have a cushy spot just below Groucho and just above John Cleese. :smiley:

If you can’t find “pure” peanut butter, you can make your own if you have a blender or proccessor. Peanuts contain enough oil naturally that you do not have to add anything to it. Simply blend in SMALL amounts until you reach the texture desired. Make sure that you have roasted them first! Shelf life will be short though as you have added no perservatives.

Thanks TT, but I’d rather not make it.

Sandman, was the organic shop near the hospital or near the YMCA as you get close to Jingmei?

Paaaatience. I’m still waiting for info from the wife. I’ll post as soon as I have it. Promise.


Saw some!!!

In the organic shop a few shops down from Taidian Dalou towards Kungkuan. A jar standing in the window peeking right at me, 85 NT, no sugar (I didn’t check on other ingredients, though).

There used to be another organic shop just across the street, very new, big, bright. Don’t remember if it is still there.


Sorry Iris, meant to thank you earlier. Only problem is I have no idea what “Taidian Dalou” means. Please help. :slight_smile:

Oh, mei guan xi, I just asked the wife and she informed me it’s Taipower building. Well, why didn’t you say so. :wink: I can go there tomorrow after work. :smiley:

Sorry about the “Taidian Dalou” thing :blush:

I saw another organic store in the area, driving by in the taxi. It’s on Tingzhou Rd between Hsinhai Road and Tri General Hospital (I believe that’s the English name :blush: ) on the road side opposite of the hospital.

For this one, Taipower Building MRT station would certainly be closer. The other two are more or less in the middle between Taipower and Kungkuan.


Just as well Iris is on the ball, as the one I mentioned closed long ago, apparently. Sorry 'bout that, Muzha Man, getting your hopes up like that and all… :blush:

It’s funny to put peanut butter on dogs’ noses. :laughing:

My wife likes peanut butter on… :wink:

I hope you’ve found your peanut butter by now. In case you haven’t, I just stumbled about the business card of that newly opened organic store I mentioned in my post. Looks like they have a number of branches all over Taipei. They even have a web site.


Actually I haven’t yet. Last weekend we had new windows installed and it was an all weekend affair. I hope to spare the time this weekend to check it out. I’ll keep everyone posted. :slight_smile:

Well, I went but they were out. Iris, did you buy the last jar? :imp:

Promise, wasn’t me!!! :frowning:

I happily stick to my chunky Skippy jar, first thing I bought after I had gotten a fridge.

Did you check the other places? I went into the one with the website I posted. But they only had some almond stuff (looked good, too), and lots of German products. I’ll check again for you if you want me to. I’m in the area anyway.