Pearl, the 6 yr old purebred Shi Szu

Hi, I’m copy pasting this from an adoption page. Poor bubba…

Hi my name is Pearl. I was found in the Shen Keng mountains wandering around. The person who found me wasn’t sure i was a stray or not because i’m a pure breed Shih Szu. But once she saw the condition of my paws, over grown fur and over grown nails, she new i was homeless. So she picked me up and took me straight to the groomers. I was plucked, shaved and washed. They saw that a couple of my nails had grown so long that they doubled back and were growing into my feet. I have had a hard year or so.

I have a chip but my previous owners didn’t register it so they are hard to track down. But the lady who found me will keep trying.
I’m 6 years old and i’m very quiet. I don’t want to do very much except curl up and doze. I’ve done my wondering for the time being.

I have an eye infection that needs daily drops, and my skin has a little problem, but will clear up with a good diet and a comfortable home.

If you would like to give me a new home and love me in my older years, please contact

I will be your loving companion for the rest of my life. Please give me a chance.

She’s very low maintainance except that her eyes need cleaning and drops daily. She’s real quiet and just seems to sleep the day away. I think she has been wondering for quite some time and is enjoying the relaxing time she has now.

Please think about giving this lovely lady a home.

Just curious what she’s been tested for in terms if illnesses. Just in case, she should be tested for ehrlicia and heartworms and she should also have a blood test done. These tests can reveal why a dog is low energy. If you’ve done that already, then ignore this post. These dogs are usually quite high energy dogs. I’m thinking she’s either sick, or she misses her owners and she is depressed. If it’s the former, she needs vet care, if it’s the latter, she will get over it with proper care, attention, and dare I say, some love.

Well done, guys!


Must…not… OWWWW!!!

Too cute, poor thinghie, poor little darling. How can anyone abandon such a cutie?!

Actually, in my experience, most cats and dogs that have bee through the trauma of living in the streets, lost, fearful, and most of all, hurt by being rejected by their previous owners. They look like zombies, going through teh motions of eating and sleeping. Totally out of it. Imagine the sandness, the sense of betrayal, the sheer shock. It takes a lot of loving to get them out of the shell and to trust you again. When they find out they have a new, loving home, their joy is limitless. It is like seeing them come back alive. There is fire in their eyes again.

I remember my own Angora, when we got her, we thought she was deaf. She would let our other at bully her, bite her ears, etc… No reaction. Little by little she came out. She became teh terror of teh neighborhood, facing German shepards like a tiger. Getting into the neighbors houses and stalking their birds, too, but that’s another story.

pearl is still looking for a home.
i know many people are turned off by the fact that she is 6 years old, but she is a lovely little girl.
i have never heard her bark. She now wags her tail and goes out the back to do her business. She still sleeps most of the time. she has had all her check ups, been vaccinated and neutered (by previous owners)

of course i would love to be able to find the previous owners, who did get her neutered and chipped, but the vet didn’t register the chip so we have been unable to contact the owners.

please let me know if you are interested in giving this lovely lady a loving home. She has no problems with the other 7 dogs in my house. So she’s good with dogs.