Pelosi visiting Taiwan in August 2022

Then I would expect you to equally oppose any European parliamentarian who visits.

What’s your problem? :roll_eyes:

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Why is it only a ‘stunt’ in Taiwan? Was Singapore a stunt too?


scratch that, shes hauling ass. Touchdown in 5.

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China isn’t threatening to destroy Singapore if Pelosi visits.

What is this trip supposed to achieve and is the risk worth whatever meager gains result from it? Ask yourself that.

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I was joking, man. jesus christ.

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So it’s a stunt in Ukraine too?

Any live streaming news coverage at the airport?

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Count me in for watching the airport livestreams

I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this; I’m just pasting a link to what looks like a PRC webpage:

I’m not a right-winger, but I’m somewhat conservative. I didn’t hate her, but she certainly wasn’t my favorite person. However, this matter seems to be changing my perspective on her.


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Well… a little. Let’s be honest. But the difference is the toothpaste was already out of the tube with Ukraine. What was Russia going to do as a result? Bomb more?

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Shes on final approach

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within sight at Songshan

Watch her video in Tiananmen square. She’s got balls.


The eagle has landed.

The evil has landed.


OK, so I just spent two hours watching an airplane land. See ya!