Penghu and Passports


I wanted to double check this since it’s pretty important.

Upon entering and leaving Penghu (from Taiwan), they’re not going to stamp the passport or anything, right? In fact, would you need a passport at all or could you just ARC as your form of ID at the airport?

My girlfriend and I want to go to Penghu but she has strict rules at her job and she’s not allowed to leave Taiwan and we’re worried that even though Penghu is in Taiwan her work might give her grief if she gets her passport stamped.

Does anyone have any info on this?

Is that even legal? Does she work for the secret service or something?

Pengu is part of Taiwan so there are no stamps. An ARC was always fine for internal flights, but it’s been a couple of years since I did that and rules do change. Just take your passport.

They ask for your passport as you are a foreign national and those rules go back to the time of military posts/safety issues. Must take passport. No, it shouldn’t be stamped. Anyways, as a foreigner, your primary ID is the passport, not the ARC -against all logic, I know, but it is a sad practical fact, not even according to what’s written, but that is the way the cookie crumbles. Yes, you could argue, but you could also end up not being put on the plane.

All I know is that APRC is sufficient for Taiwan’s offshore islands. Not sure about ARC.

I’ve been to Penghu twice, and I’m pretty sure I only used my ARC (not APRC, and not passport) both times.

FAIK, any sort of id works. Even a Taiwan drivers license. That’s all i used to use on Taiwan domestic flights.