Penghu Fireworks Festival 2019, Apr 18 - Jun 27

Penghu Fireworks Festival 2019, Apr 18 - Jun 27, Mondays and Thursdays, tricky schedule to get people to stay longer next to weekends.

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好巧! I was just looking at this event. Thinking of where to take my mom who will be here April and May. Wondering what else there is in Penghu besides this.

Erkan Historic Village

Twin Hearts Stone Weir

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Seems a couple of days/nights should be enough.

Comfortable swimming starts in May.

I think the “Moses Road” ( that goes to Chi Yu Islet (赤嶼) is pretty cool. It only appears at low tide. You used to be able to walk to and explore the entire islet, but I’ve heard most of it is off limits now, although I think you can still walk the road.

I also like the Tongliang Great Banyan Tree Temple (, Whale Cave (, and Zhuwan Dayi Temple ( with its weird underground sea animal grotto. These three areas are right on the way to Erkan Old Village mentioned above.

A couple of days is good on Penghu. If you scooter it, prepare for relentless wind.