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I need a really good (whatever price) hotel in Penghu, super-quick. Good advice will earn good G$ (bad advice will earn a spanking)


Is the spanking from you or from your girlfriend?


I stayed at some hotels in Penghu about 18 months ago, and was rather unimpressed… Although we used the Lonely Planet Guide for Taiwan, the accommodation that we managed to find was all pretty average. Basically, we were unable to find anything that I would really want to recommend to anyone. By the way, we were looking at rooms in the $1000-1500/night range. The worst was the cabin we used over at a “resort” on the main tourist beach near MaGong; old, unclean sheds and unfriendly service from a guy who couldn’t give a shit whether or not we stayed. Bear in mind, this was in September, and there were practically no tourists in the area at the time!

As a result, I promised myself to take a tent next time and go to some of the remote islands. Just take a boat trip to the northern islands and look around… you’ll quickly see what I mean: these islands are amazingly beautiful, and sparsely populated… very romantic.

If you’re not up for some camping, then there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll find some homestays on these islands; all you have to do is ask around. It would really help if you or your girlfriend could speak some Taiwanese… Trust me, the further you can get away from MaGong, the more beautiful it will be!

A safe option would be to go to the windsurfing shop in the middle of MaGong. If you can’t find it, just ask around, as I think there’s only 2 shops in the area. Last time I remember, it was just around the corner from a pizza place. Anyway, it’s run by two Aussies, who we met by chance when we were touring around. I’m sure they could refer you to some hassle-free accommodation.

Good luck!

The Big Babou

Can’t get a flight to Penghu, so we’re off to Taizhong instead.

Some guanxi of you anyway Babou, and Neo, my aerobics insructor, Sven, will be around at your place tomorrow to administer a spanking. I hope 3PM is convenient for you.



Planning a trip to Penghu for the weekend.

Anyone have any advice on Penghu accomodation that is current for this summer?

Any places people enjoyed staying and felt a little less ripped off than usual?


Oh, and what’s all this about giving away “guanxi” - something related to Forumosa’s former incarnation?

Er…Is this the same place as the aforementioned “resort” (dump)?

I had the same problem when I went to Peghu. It’s a lot cheaper if you go off-season (like September), and the so-called “resort” on the main beach of Magong is a dump, although at the time we went, it was also very private.

There’s plenty of islands to see, and the locals are very friendly. If you did a little homework, you could find a homestay (check out some of the “Homestay” magazines available at 7-11), which would be your cheapest bet, aside from camping. Oh yeah, bring your diving gear (or at least a mask + snorkel), as the water’s warm and clear - really beautiful!

If you really want to see the beauty of Peghu, get on the local boats and then rent a scooter at each island. Avoid the tourist traps (easy to see, as that’s where there will be huge crowds milling around useless artefacts).

Have a great trip!


If I find any excellent deals on airfare, I’ll post them/it here so anyone else looking at a weekend on penghu can enjoy.

Hmm… wonder if the typhoons will have passed by then.

Yes, please do. I plan on going there mid-July. Is it difficult to find accommodation at that time? What sites would people recommend for a 3 to 4 day trip? Thanks in advance.

Need info on the campsite(s).Any info will do.Thanks alot.

I think there’s a campsite around Magong, but I didn’t see any on other islands. However,there’s plenty of open, green fields that seem very inviting…

Can the police do anything to you if you put up your tent anywhere(like on a beach or nice green fields.

What police? There are more Mormons than cops on those islands…

If you go to any of the islands, the Coast Guard will check the number of people getting on and off the boats, so, assuming that they can count accurately, then you might eventually get caught.

Try contacting the Aussies who run the windsurfing shop in Magong, and ask them. I’m pretty sure that they’ll be inthe know.

Oh yeah, Juba, the dump you’re talking about is not the dump that I was talking about; the latter cost us about $1200/nt during the off-season. It was more worthy of the $250/nt price tag that you’ve mentioned, although it’s right on the beach (1 redeeming quality).

Most islands have places to stay overnight, so they wouldn’t know if you are camping or staying at a “hotel”.
Besides, I think they only count to make sure the vessels aren’t overloaded and if it sinks they know how many people to look for.

Well the penghu trip was postponed due to Mindulle.

Looks like the coming weekend’s forecast is for rain too…

One question - in the description several posts back for the Youth hostel it said NT250 per person, but online the rates start at NT2000. Wondering if I asked the wrong questions or have the rates skyrocketed recently?

As for airfare prices, it is looking like NT3000 for a return trip. That’s standard from what I’ve heard. Still, if I learn of a better fare, will post it here.

Rooftop, thanks for your continued attempts to let the rest of us know the ins and outs of Penghu. I’m thinking of heading that way myself in a month or so and appreciate any up to date info.

You could try to book a package (flight + hotel), usually turns out cheaper than buying seperately (or rather you get a better place to stay for a bit more $$$ only).

Is there any updates on this topic?

I’m planning on going to Penghu with a friend. We want somewhere that’s clean and affordable. We are two girls and would like to have bunk beds or twin beds. Does anyone have any idea?


I am also looking form hotel information, scooter rental info, best beach, best place for sunset, best place for drink ideas.