Penghu vs Taiwan, much difference?

So between Taiwan and Penghu island, is there much difference in quality of life, cleanliness, everyday things etc. Just by google street viewing around it seems Penghu is more modernish and cleaner looking. Does anyone here live there?
In terms of society and culture is it like its own country in a way (like how okinawa is even though it technically isnt).

Penghu is just a small boring island, where people go to get a holiday for a few days. Otherwise I don’t think there is much to do there. Unless you want to live somewhere far away from the civilised world??

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Penghu and nearby smaller islands very much resemble many of the smaller towns on the main Taiwan island. Except can’t see mountains in the distance.

The “modernish and cleaner looking” areas you probably see are the newer areas central that has slowly been built up in recent years partially to attract tourists and partially for potential gambling approvals which never came.

Just like other small towns in Taiwan, mostly old, with a newer area.

Society and culture same as similar seaside towns in Taiwan.

It’s not as different from main Taiwan as Okinawa is from main Japan.

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Not a huge difference culturally or architecturally except for the old village and some old houses dotted about.

However I did notice traffic police are much stricter on Penghu
Roads aren’t busy.
And the beaches are fantastic.

Maybe @MrBeeTaiwan is still around.

@KHHville did they or anyone report back recently from living/life in Penghu?

Not that I know of.
I wish members from there, Kinmen, and Matsu would post more often. It’s the last of Taiwan’s pristine places (aside from Orchid Island perhaps).

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This talk of Penghu reminds me of a Mexican restaurant/bar there called Jalapeño’s. I loved that place. Sadly, it’s long gone.

Don’t mind me, just reminiscing…

Edit: I forgot about this excellent brunch spot called Addict Brunch I discovered last December. Highly recommend it if you visit.


How can we track those people down?! :ponder:

Maybe a search for foreigners in Penghu/Matsu/Kinmen.

Not really much difference, but slower and much less traffic.