Penmanship workbook - A Question for editors/teachers/anyone!

Is there a specific name for those books with three or five narrow lines per line designed to teach handwriting? English handwriting, not calligraphy.


“penmanship workbook”

I just call them cursive notebooks…

We used to call 'em jotters and you had to show the teacher that you’d used up every available space before she’d give you another one. And you’d get a clip round the earhole if you rolled 'em up and stuck 'em in your back pocket.

I’ve got to meet Sandman one day to confirm that he really isn’t my father posting in disguise. Oh, no wait. That’s Wolf. :smiley:

Related question: Where can you buy them? I’ve seen only very small spaced ones - not at all suitable for primary students…

Caves used to import them from the US…I don’t know if they still do or not.