Pension for Foreign Spouses

Hey everyone! I want to make this a big post, because if my school had not been the awesome school it is with regards to paperwork, I never would have known this. As of about a year ago, foreign spouses are eligible to have a pension fund. Now, after reading the laws here:

There are a few loop-holes. You should make sure you read the full law. Chapter 2 Article 7 shows that foreign spouses are able have a pension fund. Articles 8 and 9 clarify how and the exceptions. I am not trained in legal matters, so I won’t say anything that I can’t take back. If your school or company is not paying into a pension, know that it is your right (in most cases, there are exceptions). Make sure you are getting what you should be getting.

My company has been paying 6% of my salary into a pension fund for me since February last year. FWIW

It’s is worth something! I’m glad to hear you’re being treated right!