Pension transfer to Taiwan

Hi, Does anyone have experience of moving pension funds to Taiwan? I have both UK & Dutch state pensions and also several private funds. What would be the best way to transfer the pensions I am already receiving, and what about funds I am yet to draw down as income?

I have never heard of this being possible.

Would love to hear it is though

transferring the payments, or the fund assets?

I think it depends on the origin of the pension, and if that country has an agreement with Taiwan for transfer payments.

Canada for example, has agreements with 30+ countries (including Mexico, Thailand, and even Vietnam), but not with Taiwan

Personally, I don’t think it matters that much. Most ATMs in Taiwan have decently high maximum withdrawal amounts. So couldn’t you just use them? If it is a $5 US fee per $20000 NT, that isn’t horrible really. I guess it would depend on the exchange rate you get though.

I don’t have any personal pension experience but your question seems quite broad.

Do you mean moving your pension funds into a Taiwan pension fund?

Or are you talking about having your monthly pension available in Taiwan?

Or something else?

Government pensions and private funds probably have different best practices for availability in Taiwan.

If just transferring money then a couple options you can do wire transfer to a Taiwan bank account or use ATM in Taiwan from your bank back home if it’s reasonable exchange rates and surcharges.

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This: “…use ATM in Taiwan from your bank back home if it’s reasonable exchange rates and surcharges.”
I do this with UK and NZ pensions. I can’t believe the people bitching on here about paying 100NT to withdraw up to 20,000NT. - 0.5%!

I have pensions already being paid, plus some still tied up in EU based funds.