People turning blue, or orange

My favourite Japanese sex slave went blue the other day. No idea why, I’ve watched that particular download thousands of times and she’s always been a most visually pleasing natural colour. Today, all of a sudden, she’s blue.

It’s happened before, like to the bloke in the Carling ‘cracking’ ad I used to use for teaching narrative writing.

What gives? Why do certain files suddenly and irreversibly start going screwy in the colour department? Windows XP, and the problem’s the same using any media player.


Crikey! Loosen the rope man!

Sounds like a codec problem. It’s not surprising that all your media players have the problem since every player is using the system codecs to decode the video file. VLC is pretty much the only player which has its own built-in codecs instead of relying on the system ones. If you recently updated one of your codecs, that could be the problem since some of the ‘FourCC’ codecs will make themselves default for multiple video formats even if they aren’t the native codec for all the ones it is ‘compatible’ for. I’d recommend downloading a recent ‘codec pack’ (google it), then before installing it go through and uninstall any codecs already on your system, then install the codec pack. That should get you in better shape. Or you can just download and install VLC which uses its own internal codecs (though the VLC user interface is clunky in my opinion).

(Though just at a guess I’d say it’s your Xvid codec that’s busted.)