Pepper Mill

Anyone seen a good pepper mill for sale? The taller, the better…

Ikea usually has both wooden and lucite ones.

But a much better option IMO is to pay a fraction of the price by going to a medical supply store and paying 100 or so bucks for a proper earthenware mortar and pestle, which you can also then use to grind cumin, cardamom, etc. They give a much better grind, as well.

Nah, it’s got to be the tall job; a friend saw one in the restaurant and now has her heart set on one…must be phallic!!

Good advice, though, about the pestle and mortar. At the mo, i’m using my coffee grinder for instant grinding of spices; coffee grinder hasn’t seen a coffee bean in years but has a wonderful aroma of garam masala!!

By the way, checked Ikea and they only had weeny examples.

saw a real tall one in Costco some time ago,but it plastic :blush:

IKEA pepper grinders are less than run of the mill and only good for exercising your wrist. I’ll see if I can find you one in HK.

Try Bodum on Chung Hsiao b[/b] or the Italian homeware designer in Sogo - can’t remember the name -Guzzini, or something like that. It’s the brightly coloured stuff.

Pure chance but I just walked into a shop on Tingzhou b[/b] Road, and there was a bright and colourful selection of pepper mills in all sizes. The big wooden ones looked nice, rather plain, 899 NT.

The shop is called 生活美學 Shenghuo Meixue

The address is No. 100, Sec. 3, Tingzhou b[/b] Road. That’s around the corner from Water Park towards Tungnanyao b[/b] Movie theatre, but on the other side of the road.


Iris, you’re a gem!!! Excellent pepper mills (still have stickers on saying that they’re being shipped for exclusive sale in Surrey, England, so they must be, uhmmm, good!) for NT$900. A bargain…thanks again Ruby and to all the others who give suggestions.

I saw a battery powered one with a light in stainless steel at a restaurant yesterday. Anyone know where to get one. Cool looking toy.