Perfume Storage

Last year I noticed that with the high heat and humidity in my home (we don’t air condition 24-7), all of my fragrances went bad. i’m not sure what I can do this summer… I know perfumes should be stored at “room temperature” but room temperature here isn’t really room temperature. Has this happened to anyone? Do you think if I store it in a drawer, it would be okay?

I’m a fragrance addict myself, and while I don’t live in humid climate, I always store my favorite fragrances especially EDTs, in the fridge. I learned this trick from a French perfumer. The EDPs are more concentrated so it’s not as important to store in the fridge. If you don’t have enough storage space in the fridge, then you should definitely try to convert all your fragrances from EDTs to EDPs, as EDPs are stronger/ have less alcohol % so evaporate less.

I have EDTs that are 5 years old and they’re fine after all these year - Body Shop, Issey Miyake, Polo Sport :thumbsup:

hmm… I read conflicting advice on the web, it says the fridge isn’t ideal for perfume because you want to keep it away from heat and cold. But if you’ve been doing it successfully, then i guess it’s better than the humidity in my apt.