Perils of Internet Dating

Full story here.

I guess he recognized her from the picture she emailed him.

But did he kill his dad?

It’s always amazed me the folks I know of either directly or second-hand who have successfully met someone on-line and then married them. So, I guess this story is one for the other side.


No he didn’t. It’s a “story” from the Weekly World News: … logy/60810

You’re right.
The part about him seeing the picture and then meeting her on the beach didn’t really add up.

“Hey mum, you don’t look the same as in your picture”.

Maybe he has unresolved issues and an Oedipus Complex to boot…

I bet now he’s thinking, “Damn! It would have been better (and less embarassing) if it had been a guy pretending to be a woman.”


let me guess his name was Rex?

That’s why it’s important to have a fetish for someone of another race.


Dude, You are good at it. :laughing: